Defence forces worldwide need to transform their air forces into organisations that can accommodate 5th generation air power technologies in joint warfighting. Within 5th generation organisations, electronic warfare deserves considerable attention. Air power in a high threat environment cannot be successful without vast defensive, and increasingly offensive, electronic warfare capability and support. In a 5th generation information driven air force that is highly reliant upon communication to achieve maximum effects, effective electronic warfare capabilities must be assured to gain and keep control of the electromagnetic spectrum by today’s and tomorrow’s joint warfighters. There is a symbiosis between air power and electronic warfare.

This book:

  • Describes the historical symbiosis between air power and electronic warfare
  • Delves into the contemporary effects of defensive and offensive electronic warfare and the relationship with air power
  • Examines various military, technological and societal developments affecting electronic warfare
  • Pinpoints 5th generation developments in joint warfighting that are both influencing, and being influenced by, electronic warfare
  • Discusses the potential for electronic warfare to increasingly create significant effects in warfare, thereby rising above the role of an enabler.

The reader will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of electronic warfare within air power, as well as insight into factors surrounding the critical relevance of electronic warfare to 5th generation warfighters.