2024 Air and Space Power Conference, National Convention Centre, Canberra, 8-9 May 2024.  

The 2024 Air and Space Power Conference focuses on building air and space power capability in the context of the ADF’s capstone concept, integrated campaigning. The conference delves into lessons from recent conflicts and industry experience to position national air and space power for current and future strategic challenges. The conference examines these issues in the context of the Defence Strategic Review, the current regional environment and future threat casting to build resilience in an ‘always operating’ model. A holistic view of National defence will be addressed through insights from the industry approach to embracing the uncertain future to reduce fragility.

The underpinning purpose of the 2024 Air and Space Power Conference is the provision of professional military education on topics of relevance; this conference is the only event on the Air Force calendar focused primarily on enhancing air power education outside of specific Professional Military Education and Training courses.

The conference was open to all Defence Personnel, Defence Contractors, Defence Industry and members of the public. 

Panel Session - Readiness and Resilience Across the Domains:

Group Captain Hannah Jude-Smith, Chief of Staff to the Chief of Defence Force

Panel Members:
Air Vice-Marshal Harvey Reynolds, AM, Deputy Chief of Air Force
Major General Greg Novak, AM, Commander, Space Command
Major General Ana Duncan, AM, CSC, Commander, Cyber Command
Brigadier Sean Parkes, DSC, DSM, Deputy G7, Forces Command
Rear Admiral Chris Smith, AM, CSM, RAN


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