The 2018 Air Power Conference provided the opportunity for the defence and security community to come together to explore how air forces are able to fully shape and exploit strategy, tactics and technology within joint military, national security and coalition operations in the emergent security environment.

The conference explored how geo-political strategy, environmental change and technology-based innovation are both disrupting and driving change across every level of national security. Some military organisations are well equipped to capitalise on disruption, whilst others struggle to define what the implications may be for their organisations. In this fast paced new world of innovation, increased global instability and new technology, this conference provided a fresh perspective from which military forces might consider disruptors and drivers effecting that environment. 

Themes covered in the 2018 Air Power Conference, viewed through the lens of air power, military and national strategy included:

  • AI, cyber & simulation
  • Energy, climate and nuclear security
  • Geo-political interests and security policy
  • Space and uninhabited aerial systems
  • Industry collaboration
  • People, machines and the military in the digital age