The RAAF has evolved as an Air Force based on the lessons of 20th century Air Power to become a ‘model’ mid-sized Air Force with an exquisite, modern best practice design that is characterised by capability dominance and agility. However, the ability of a Western Military to compete in full spectrum operations, from ‘Grey Zone’ to military response and armed conflict remains debatable and begs this question - Is our current approach suitable to meet the threat vector of future war?

Join us we explore future demands on our need for strategic planning & effects-based targeting boards, and how we adapt our ‘exquisite’ capabilities to meet emergent threats.

How can the military deliver effects based targeting when the threat is sub-threshold to military response, and against a threat that may not be defined geographically or geopolitically? How can military response options support other non-military actions to counter national security threats?


Group Captain David Millar

Group Captain David Millar

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