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For the first time ever, SXSW hits overseas shores and guess what.... it’s right here in Australia!

SXSW celebrates all things creative, entrepreneurial, futuristic, progressive and disruptive. Hosting the movers and shakers from all over the globe speaking on everything from AI to innovative thinking processes, to combining art and robotics, bootstrapping businesses, to gaming and the latest practices in the tech industry!

We're collaborating with a range of Australia's brightest future thinkers to pitch two proposals for Session Select! We're embracing the opportunity to be able to share with the world our collaborative projects dealing with the future of air power and space power. How exciting is that??

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Air Power Digital Futures 2050

What does 2050 hold for an Air Force? How can people, systems and organizations evolve to make a 2050 vision of collaborative, creative futures in a digital era a reality? And how do processes and products need to adapt to people for a more Inclusive future?

In this hands-on, immersive workshop experience, participants use digital tools of the future in a practical visualization of how our Royal Australian Air Force personnel ('Aviators') will possibly operate in the future. They will see how future Aviators could adapt aircraft and equipment in response to rapidly changing conditions, combat operations and humanitarian relief requirements in our region.

Different use cases are modeled, with participants able to role play Aviators directing activities in response to challenges that future practice might bring. Artifacts of the future are provided, along with the digital interface and pre-visualised clips of interactions. The intent is to inspire, to imagine 2050, to gather feedback whilst explaining the steppingstones needed to get there in a digital era. This workshop is the culmination of years of collaborative, multidisciplinary research sponsored by the Royal Australian Air Force, and through a Defence Science Partnership Agreement, undertaken by Griffith University, Deakin University and Phare Consulting.

Space: 2050 and Australia’s Futures

How can there be opportunities for Australian versions of companies like SpaceX? What are the legal implications of mining on the moon? How does a government navigate the emerging norms of space?

The exploration and utilisation of space has long-captured the imagination of humanity. The past century has seen dramatic advancement as we become thoroughly dependent on space-based technologies for communications and internet, navigation, financial markets, climate response, search and rescue, and national and international security. Geopolitical tensions play out in space as they do at sea, on land and in the air. Current trends and future initiatives planned over the next decades will continue to see humanity push the limits of exploration and use of space; with possible conflicts related to competition for natural resources in space and for access to space due to congestion.

This session seeks to share glimpses of potential futures for Australia’s place in space in 2050. This workshop will build on collaborations between government and academic organisations charged with making what was once purely imagination, a reality. The workshop will be designed as an opportunity for the participants to provide input and feedback on these potential futures.

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