Hangar 46, the Air and Space Power Centre's podcast for the Royal Australian Air Force is now LIVE.

Named after the Air and Space Power Centre's iconic facility, each episode of Hangar 46 has a different guest/s joining our team in the hangar for a chat with our hosts and cohosts. Our team covers topics like international relations, technology, ethics, culture, emerging air and space power challenges and more.

Our pilot (pun intended) episode is hosted by Group Captain Michael Sleeman, Director Air and Space Power Centre, with cohost Corporal Jaz Filmer of 34SQN; with guest Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Rob Chipman, AM, CSC. The trio chat about his journey to becoming Chief of Air Force, his experiences in the role and the future.

"The person that will be sitting in my chair as Chief of Air Force in 2050 is currently serving in our Air Force today"

- Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Rob Chipman

Chief of Air Force Rob Chipman sitting in navy blue coloured arm chairs with air and space power centre pull up banners behind him. In front of him is a microphone on a stand and a coffee table with water glasses and water jug


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