As part of the Air and Space Power Centre’s objective to provide pathways for professional mastery, Squadron Leader Chris Kourloufas has completed a week-long secondment to the Air and Space Centre, contributing to the development of the 7th Edition of the Air Power Manual.

This opportunity came about as a result of his blog Creative Forces, published by The Central Blue.

The article circulated throughout the AFHQ environment and I was pleasantly surprised to get positive feedback directly from DCAF, ACAUST, DGSP, DASPC (now AIRCDRE Begley), DGWD&R, AFHQ WOFF” Chris said.

An opportune discussion with Director ASPC lead to an invite to contribute to the Air Power Manual re-write – something that took place in mid April.

“This secondment has been a fantastic opportunity to enhance my professional mastery. I am very grateful that the ASPC has invited my participation and welcomed my different perspective in this important manual. It shows that our leadership is willing to go beyond rhetoric.”

Picture of Chris Kourloufas
After submitting a blog on leadership and innovation, SQNLDR Kourloufas was given the opportunity to contribute to the next version of the Air Power Manual

Developing future air and space power strategic thinkers aligns to two ASPC objectives and Air Force Strategy LOE 2. These opportunities allow the organisation to identify selected personnel who are able to offer a unique perspective and positively contribute to air and space power discourse.

Overall, it has been an incredible surprise. To me, I see success as an indicator of a process working or not. I’ve had to have many inner victories before I had the outward one. I continue to reflect on this experience and look to put more thoughts down on paper to get to the heart of what could be defined as ‘strategic acumen’.” he said.

Director of ASPC, GPCAPT Jason Baldock encourages this thinking. “Encouraging individuals to share their thoughts is an important message for ASPC and is key to being able to illustrate exciting innovation opportunities. Without sharing, the status quo and group think sets in and the organisation doesn’t have the opportunity to move forward”.

Chris said having encouragement from a range of individuals was important to submitting his blog, and having the chain of command in support was also essential.

I had already primed my CoC that I wanted to explore a secondment opportunity this year, so it was less of an issue when it transpired. It helps to have a supportive CoC! But I would also like to thank WGCDR Ulas Yildrim, GPCAPT Jason Baldock and AIRCDRE Jason Begley for their support.

ASPC provides multiple opportunities for individuals to contribute to the air and space power discourse – if you have an idea you’d like to explore or contribute, please get in touch. Go to http:/