Since 2010, the Wrigley Prize writing competition has called for written submissions that demonstrate an understanding of air power theory, and more recently space power theory. This year 16 entries were submitted on topics relevant to Air Power, Air Force Strategy, Space Power and Joint Capabilities. Due to the exceptionally high standard of the entries, two joint winners were chosen: FLGOFF Regan Ho, an Operations Officer posted to 92WG, with an essay entitled ‘Australia as a space norm entrepreneur’, and FLTLT Shane Ivimey, an Intelligence Officer posted as a Divisional Officer to ADFA, with an essay entitled ‘Rethinking Air Force preparation and mounting for Joint Force Operations in the Indo-Pacific’. Each winner received the Wrigley Prize of $3000 and will have their papers published by the Air and Space Power Centre.

Concurrent to the Wrigley Prize, the inaugural Warrant Officer of the Air Force Creative Writing Award was also recently awarded. This award was established in 2021 to encourage enlisted contributions to Air and Space Power. This year seven enlisted aviators submitted papers on similar topics to the Wrigley Prize submissions, with the winning entry by WOFF Ryan Wilson, a Loadmaster currently undertaking Australian Command and Staff College, entitled ‘Education and the Enlisted Aviator’. WOFF Wilson received the award of $3000 and will have an opportunity to undertake a short secondment to the Air and Space Power Centre.

The winners are congratulated on their achievements and all entrants are recognised for their outstanding contributions in both categories. Entries for next year are encouraged from Air Force, Navy, Army, APS and civilian researchers/academia who have a passion for writing and strategic thinking.

WOFF-AF and Wrigley Awards

Wrigley Prize and WOFF-AF Creative Writing Award presentation from left to right: DASPC GPCAPT Jason Baldock, FLTLT Shane Ivimey, FLGOFF Regan Ho, DCAF AVM Stephen Meredith and WOFF Ryan Wilson.