The Warrant Officer of the Air Force (WOFF-AF) Creative Writing Award is now open for submissions. Submissions are not limited to essays or formal writing, and can take on any form such as fiction, think-pieces, Op-eds or blog-style articles.

The WOFF-AF Creative Writing Award aims to promote the development of air and space power analysis from within the enlisted aviator workforce. The objective of the award is to encourage and inspire enlisted aviators to consume, contribute and contest contemporary air and space power issues; and to research, analyse and debate possibilities for air and space power beyond the future force.

The winner of the WOFF-AF Creative Aviator Writing Award will be given an opportunity to discuss their submission with the Warrant Officer of the Air Force and be invited to participate in an immersion program. Their submission will also be published on the Air and Space Power Centre (ASPC) and/or related websites. High quality submissions will be considered for entry into the Wrigley prize

For further information, including terms and conditions, and how to enter please visit the WOFF-AF Creative Writing Award page